Course instructors

We have a large number of dogs entered for the Puppy and Bronze courses starting on 18 March 2019.  Therefore, we have decided to split the classes and hold sessions starting at 7:00 and 7:30.  All dogs in the Puppy and Bronze classes should attend for a 7:15 start on 18 March and we will then allocate people to the new start times.

As a consequence of this, the Silver and Gold classes will start at 8:00 for the next course - except for 18 March when the classes will start at 7:45 as before - and the last class of the evening will run from 8:30 - again except for 18 March when it will start at 8:15 as usual.

The instructors will be

  • Puppy Class - Dorene at 7:00 and Rhia at 7:30
  • Bronze Class - Jason at 7:00 and Tanya at 7:30
  • Silver Class - Ron
  • Gold Class - Judy

Helpers will assist where needed and depending on availability.